A Week in Izmir

This last Thursday we made our way to the city of Izmir. After the 8 hour bus ride to the city of 4 million we met up with a worker who brought us to our separate homes. We are all currently living in 5 different houses with families and roommates that were willing to open up there homes for the week. I am staying with a family of four orignally from Mexico in a tiny three bedroom apartment. The city is so much different from where we were this last month. We have a lot more freedom and are able to explore whenever we have free time. Izmir is considered one of the most open cities in all of Turkey. It is very western, which makes it a lot easier for us, and was a bit of a shock after being in a village!

Our last two weeks in Antalya were spent in schools and with Turkish families. I only went into the schools three different days and was able to teach English on two of those days. In the highschool we just spent time interacting and answering questions but we made some friends and spent a few days hanging out with there families and really experiencing the culture. In the elementary schools we were teaching. I am so thankful for the language classes I took at home, because we literally had no time to prepare! Things went really well though and thankfully we were never in the classrooms alone so we could rely on eachother. I have so many more details to share with everyone in person! It’s so hard to explain everything, so I’ll bring home some cay (Turkish tea) and go through some pictures with everyone! 18 days…

This Thursday we move again to a city near Ephesus (that I already forget the name of), and then our last week will be in Istanbul where we fly out of! Can’t wait to see everyone again!


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